Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licensed builder?

Yes. Beginning on July 1, 2008, a license from the State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors is required to practice contracting.

What insurance do you have?

Wall to Wall is covered by Workers Compensation, General Liability, and an Umbrella policy. Licensed contractors must be able to show proof of workers compensation insurance, as required by law, and general liability insurance. But it’s just as important that you be protected by the contractor having adequate insurance. We will be glad to show you our certificate of insurance.

Do you have strategic partners that you work with?

We have a network of insured, qualified and experienced subcontractors who have worked well with us over time and who have delivered good results. We also have business relationships with vendors to provide high quality materials for our jobs.

Will you provide references?

We will be glad to provide references. Hearing about the experience of previous customers will help you learn if you and Wall to Wall  will be a good match. It will also help you know that we have the experience to be successful with your assignment.

What kind of estimate will I get?

We deliver detailed estimates using industry-standard software. This helps to clarify expectations about the job for you. Then we can both start the job on the same page. If we need to make changes after the work begins, that can be easily done in the estimate.

How can I reach you?

Call 706-897-2848. It’s important that you know how to reach us—quickly.  You can also reach us by email at or by fax at 706-896-1879. Our mailing address is 240 Sunnyside Road, Hiawassee, GA 30546.

How long have you been in this business?

Over 30 years. Experience counts. Everyone has to have a first job, but you don’t want it to be your home.  In addition to the increased competence that comes with experience, a good tenure in business usually means financial stability, too.

Why should I do business with you?

We at Wall to Wall Contractors take pride in our work. Every day we live out our commitment to delight our customers by going the extra mile.





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